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No matter what your business needs are, our specialists can meet all your needs. If it is a major service of your company, our experienced professionals offer bookkeeping, financial reporting or payroll management services. You will be able to manage your team with ease, taking advantage of the integration of bookkeeping with your data management, thus obtaining a clearer and more complete accounting. 


An analysis of your financial statements:

The in-depth study of a company’s accounting is the main function of the CPA. The CPA must conduct research that leads to the recognition of the accuracy of the annual accounts.


Accounting services offered for your company:

But what is the difference between a compilation mission and a review mission?

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Mission compilation:

A compilation engagement is offered to companies that need assistance in compiling their financial statements from the information available to them. The financial reports resulting from a compilation do not include an auditor’s opinion and do not require assurance on these statements.

Review mission:

The review engagement consists of an opinion expressed in the financial report prepared by the auditor (the CPA) in which he confirms the plausibility of whether the financial statements are in accordance with accounting standards for private enterprises in Canada. The review engagement provides limited assurance that the financial statements or other information are free of material misstatement. The difference between a compilation engagement and a review engagement is that a compilation engagement does not provide assurance on the financial statements.


Reasonable assurance on financial statements

Review mission :

Limited assurance on financial statements

Mission Compilation

No assurance on financial statements

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With Billy Mokas CPA, you will have the services of a good accounting, all your financial transactions subject to the accounting standards will be in application. Tracking the progress of your business has never been easier as you will have full access to all data. Our analysis is based on the achievement of your financial goals with the presentation of balance sheets throughout the year, and this, at the frequency you want!

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A propos - Billy Mokas CPA

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