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Our services are aimed at businesses and individuals. Professional and personalized advice at a competitive price.


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A clear picture of all your figures thanks to the advice of our expert accountants.


Advice: Billy Mokas CPA offers the most comprehensive services for your small business startup.

Our professionals will accompany you throughout your business start-up. Financial analysis, sales, acquisition and consulting. Our services are numerous.
Depending on your needs, we adapt the cost that best suits your business.


Billy Mokas CPA offers a wide range of services and advice tailored to your financial goals. These include:


Support for your company's start-up

We offer you a support for each of your employees. From the drafting of the employment contract, to the pay slip, absenteeism to the dismissal, each step is essential within a company. With Billy Mokas CPA you will benefit from personal advice from our staff. The management of a small business is complicated, especially at the start-up stage, which is why our accountants are committed to supporting you in each of these key stages.

A custom-made business plan for your company!

A propos - Billy Mokas CPA


Business plan

If you are starting your own business, you already know that it is important to prepare a business plan. It must address all the important aspects of your company. In finance, nothing should be left to chance and the slightest mistake can be fatal, which is why our professionals will help you draw up your financial plan. Billy Mokas CPA is the firm of choice for many small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec. So why not you?

Billy Mokas is ...

A team of professionals committed and determined to give you the best advice for a successful business.

Framing from A to Z:

You will benefit from administrative support, you will get the follow-up of your financial operations and precious advice on the best accounting practices in Quebec for your SME, in order to ensure a constant and sustainable evolution. You will undoubtedly appreciate our support.

Each company has its own needs and objectives, which is why our accountants will support you throughout this process on a personal basis. If you want to ensure the sustainability of your business, it’s important to have a well-established and supervised management. There’s no need to overload yourself with paperwork and hassle, Billy Mokas CPA is here to help!


A propos - Billy Mokas CPA

Billy Mokas CPA is committed to representing all your interests!

Why the consulting service?

A complete financial structure established by our best accountants for the success of your company

Valuable advice at a great price !

A propos - Billy Mokas CPA

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