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Tax Optimization and Certification

The tax optimization process may seem complex, but at Billy Mokas CPA , we offer you a complete tax service and we help you to bring your business finances into line with the law.

Tax Optimization and Certification

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Accounting certification is a process which guarantees that a company's accounts reflect a faithful portrait of the results of the financial situation and assets of the company.


Corporate tax

A company must file its income tax return every year. As a general rule, many companies choose to follow the calendar year and must provide the tax report before June 30 of each year. Corporate tax has specific features that deserve significant attention

This is why, at Billy Mokas CPA, we prepare your corporate tax returns very rigorously. The end result is the result of an ongoing financial and tax planning process that complies with Quebec and Canadian tax laws.


Financial reports

Financial reports allow a company to have a summary of all its accounting documents. This essential tool allows managers to demonstrate transparency in their company’s accounts

All the documents included in a financial report allow you to plan the future of a company and make informed decisions.


Special mandates

Si votre entreprise connaît un événement particulier, l’expert-comptable est présent pour répondre à cette mission spécifique.


Compilation mission

The compilation mission is usually offered to companies that need support in compiling their financial statements. The objective of this service is different from a review or audit mission because the compilation mission does not offer any level of assurance on the financial statements. Following a compilation mission, the client has sufficient information on hand to prepare their tax returns.


Exam mission

A review engagement is a process carried out by an accountant to verify the plausibility of financial statements. Through requests for information, analytical procedures, and interviews regarding the information provided by the company, the accountant will be able to provide limited assurance that confirms that the financial statements do not contain no significant anomalies.


Small business audit

Of the three validation missions of a company’s financial statements, the audit is the most comprehensive process. It provides a high level of assurance regarding the accuracy of financial statements.

To fully understand, the accounting audit:

  • provides assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatement
  • deploys analyses, inspections and verifications of certain transactions, all in accordance with auditing standards recognized in Quebec.

At the end of these checks, an auditor’s report will be given to the client in which he issues an opinion on the fairness of the company’s financial statements.


Reasonable assurance on the financial statements

Exam mission:

Limited assurance on financial statements

Compilation mission

No assurance on the financial statements


Billy Mokas CPA is, above all, professionals at your service!

Why choose Billy Mokas CPA?

With Billy Mokas CPA, you benefit from comprehensive accounting services. All of your financial transactions will be subject to recognized accounting standards. Our technological solutions allow you to easily follow the evolution of your business financially by having access to your data at all times. Our analyzes are based on your financial objectives and at any time you are entitled to a presentation of a complete balance sheet, whenever you request it.

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