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All about the expertise of a CPA

The main missions of a CPA are: the review mission, the compilation mission, the audit as well as the analysis mission and the maintenance of the company’s journal and financial statements.

A CPA firm can prepare a tax return for you and represent you before the authorities.

The search for finance during a business start-up, the liquidation procedures company and complement the accounting expertise. Contact us for advice on managing your wealth! Our services are numerous visit our page for more information.

Peace of mind, compliance with accounting laws and state-imposed deadlines. Complete analysis and management of your journal keeping, employee paperwork and most importantly, it is important to have a tax advisor to avoid any mistakes that could be fatal to your business!

Anyone can venture into the accounting administration of a business, but it is obvious that outsourcing the accounting service for any business in Quebec is essential. In order to ensure that your return is in compliance with the laws.

The price of an accounting firm depends on the nature of the service and the region in which you are located.

Absolutely. An accounting firm can only handle the paperwork for your employees. Contact our professionals now to get your price.

CPA is an acronym for Chartered Professional Accountant. An accountant with the CPA designation means that he has rights and duties towards his clients. This is because an accountant who obtains a credential is a qualified professional in the accounting industry serving better service. It is essential to know that only a CPA has the right to give their auditor opinion in Canada. Need an audit? Contact us for more information.

An RRSP is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan, a savings plan established throughout your professional career to obtain a larger retirement sum.

A highly qualified professional is good, but a quality and responsive professional is better! Billy Mokas CPA is committed to answering all your questions. The time varies depending on the service requested. Make an appointment for more information.

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