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Always at the edge of financial actuality, Billy Mokas CPA Inc. supports you in all of your projects. Billy Mokas CPA Inc. translates as follow: Striving to become a loyal advisor to all his clients while continuously aiming to surpass their expectations. His mission is nothing less than offer the best service.


Billy Mokas, is a member of the Order of Professional Chartered Accountants of Quebec as a CGA. His main objective is to offer efficient and rigorous services focused on his clients’ needs.

Billy Mokas is involved in diverse communities in Laval in Montreal. His main practice evolves around PME certification. He guides and represents his clients throughout their different business cycles, whether it’s in accounting or governmental matters. He regularly assists his clients in the purchase and sale of enterprises as well as in their diverse projects. His clients can also benefit from his experience in tax strategies.

His mission is to grow loyalty with his clients and remain their primary advisors by offering exceptional services and clear solutions. With devotion and mutual respect, his work ethic consists of establishing and perfecting solid relationships with his clients in order to create long term vision.

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